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Buy your own sailing boat


Are you thinking about buying your own sailing boat?

You have sailed on charter boats for some time and have tried many within the types available from the charter companies. Now having your own boat is something completely different. You can make it as comfortable and tech-savvy as you like. It’s more of a hobby than just sailing. But first you need to find the boat you want to start with. 

You have many more options than in the charter market where only the affordable Bavaria Janneau and Beneteau Boats are offered.

The hull

So we first had to decide between a GRP and an aluminum hull. We experienced the Bavaria, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey and Beneteau Oceanis with fiberglass hulls on one side and the Alubat Ovni and Garcia Exploration with aluminum hulls on the other. All of these boats are great to sail, but in relation to our project we chose an aluminum boat for the following reasons:

The aluminum hull is easier to repair or modify than the fiberglass by cutting off the unwanted parts and welding new parts on top.
It sails much smoother in rough seas, which makes it more comfortable for me
it has a variable draft

the lengths

Matthias is 1.86m tall and needs to be able to stand comfortably in the main areas of the boat. I want a nice forward cabin and lots of storage space. From our experience, a 40-45 foot sailboat would fit just fine.

Our price limit is 200,000 euros. Your best bet is to find a boat in robust condition but with little equipment and refurbishment needed.

let’s look for it!


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